Democratic Party of Wisconsin Statement Congratulating Justice-Elect Janet Protasiewicz

Apr 04, 2023

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Statement Congratulating Justice-Elect Janet Protasiewicz

MADISON, Wis. — Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement congratulating Justice-elect Janet Protasiewicz on her victory in the race for Wisconsin Supreme Court:

“They thought they could break democracy in Wisconsin so completely that they could rip away basic rights from half the population. The voter uprising that delivered the Supreme Court victory for Janet Protasiewicz proved them wrong. The resurrection of democracy and freedom in Wisconsin has begun.

“We’re profoundly grateful to Justice-elect Janet Protasiewicz for all that she brought to this race: integrity, compassion, perseverance, and vision. She has richly earned her ten-year term, which, among many other moments, will span the next three presidential elections and the 2031 redistricting process.

“On paper, this campaign may have lasted only a few months. But tonight’s victory is the result of years of unglamorous work by volunteers, activists, union members, and organizers across our state who knocked doors, made phone calls, chipped in, and never lost the faith that a better future was possible—even when hope seemed all but lost. Tonight is a testament to the power of never giving up. And it’s a testament to the whirlwind that the foes of democracy—in Wisconsin, and in America—can expect to reap.

“While we may have won tonight, we know that the threat posed to our freedoms and our democracy by MAGA extremism continues. And that’s why we will never stop organizing. We will use this moment as a springboard into the long work ahead—to build a multiracial democracy in which all of us, no matter our gender or gender identity, our generation or the geography in which we live, has a voice, has dignity, and has the power that is supposed to be the birthright of all American citizens.

“Tonight, we celebrate an enormous victory. Tomorrow, our work to build a stronger, more free Wisconsin continues.”