After Months of Saying Governors Don’t Control Inflation, Michels’ Latest ad Blames Gov. Evers

Sep 02, 2022

After Months of Saying Governors Don’t Control Inflation, Michels’ Latest ad Blames Gov. Evers

Gov. Evers Has a Plan to Combat Rising Costs, While Michels Plays Political Games

MADISON, Wis. – After months of claiming the governor has a limited role in inflation and failing to release a plan to address rising costs, Tim Michels has released a campaign ad blaming Gov. Evers for making inflation “worse.”

Michels has made a sharp departure from his comments just last month. At a WISN town hall in August Michels believed that, “a lot of this inflation is caused at the federal level [. . .] And it’s hard for a governor.”

Michels hasn’t been shy about this view, even telling Dan O’Donnell’s listeners that, “It’s tough for a governor of any state, not just Wisconsin, any state to have a large impact on inflation. It’s more federal issue, and we could get into the macroeconomics of how we got into this.” Michels echoed these comments as far back as June, when he spoke about rising costs to activists, saying, “It’s a little hard for a governor. It’s really a federal issue.”

As the Journal Sentinel notes, Michels’ economic plan has offered “few details on how he plans to achieve the goals.”

While Tim Michels tries to reverse course, Governor Evers remains the only candidate with a clear plan to lower costs for Wisconsinites:

  • The Evers plan repeals the mandatory markup on gas prices at the pump.

  • Gov. Evers will also use the surplus to provide further tax relief, with a 10% income tax cut to those who make less than $100,000 a year, or $150,000 for married couples filing jointly.

  • Evers will build on the reforms he’s already implemented and continue to work to cap the costs of prescription drugs and increase transparency in drug pricing across the state. Gov. Evers also supports capping insulin copays at $35.

  • His plan will also expand access to the veterans and surviving spouses property tax credit, providing approximately $16 million in relief to veterans with disabilities and their families.

  • Gov. Evers has also called for an expansion of the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit which would provide an additional $30 million in tax relief to over 100,000 Wisconsinites. He will also continue to fight for a new tax credit for family caregivers, providing additional assistance to cover expenses incurred by those taking care of loved ones.

  • Gov. Evers will also deliver relief from rising costs to low-income seniors on fixed incomes. by restoring the state’s Homestead Tax Credit by increasing the income limit and indexing the program to inflation.

Unlike Tim Michels, Gov Evers’ commitment to helping families get ahead isn’t new. In his first term Gov. Evers has already delivered a 15% tax cut for most Wisconsinites and cut taxes by nearly $500 million for small businesses. Gov. Evers’ work delivered historic tax cuts to Wisconsinites, and he is going to do even more. Today, Wisconsin has a $5.4 billion surplus, and Gov. Evers believes in returning a portion of this back to the people.

“Tim Michels is a radical politician who will say whatever it takes to get elected. That’s why he suddenly blames state government for rising costs after months of claiming the exact opposite, ” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “Wisconsinites want a common sense leader like Governor Evers who has a proven record of lowering income taxes and bringing people together to get things done. Michels has been too busy appealing to the most extreme parts of his party to tell Wisconsinites where he stands. Michels is radical and wrong for Wisconsin.”

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