ICYMI: Tim Michels Stands by Trump Endorsement After Attempting to Scrub His Radical Record

Aug 19, 2022

ICYMI: Tim Michels Stands by Trump Endorsement After Attempting to Scrub His Radical Record

MADISON, Wis. — Despite his best attempts, Tim Michels is finding out how hard it is to hide from his radical and divisive record, fully embracing Donald Trump’s endorsement just days after he attempted to scrub it from his website.

And it’s not just featuring Donald Trump on his website: Michels is becoming further entrenched in Trump’s inner-circle. WisPolitics reported this morning that former Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is joining the Michels campaign as a senior adviser.

With Michels continuing to go all in for Donald Trump, he must answer for his defense of Trump for allegedly stealing classified documents that could threaten our nation’s security. Does he still believe that this was a “political witch hunt,” knowing that the FBI had the legal justification to remove the documents from Mar-a-Lago after many attempts to do so? And after attacking law enforcement for doing their jobs, does Michels agree with Mike Pence that Republicans should stop attacking “rank-and-file law enforcement personnel”, given a rise in threats directed at federal agents following his and Trump’s outrageous comments?

Michels also owes Wisconsinites a straight answer on whether he would overturn  the 2020 election results as governor. Does Michels stand by his previous comments that “everything will be on the table,” including decertification?

“Tim Michels is proud to have Donald Trump’s support and will do whatever it takes to keep the endorsement during his campaign,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “As much as he’d like to, Tim Michels cannot hide from the radical agenda that he and Donald Trump believe in – voters see right through it.”

FOX11: Tim Michels says removing Trump endorsement from website was mistake

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Former President Trump’s endorsement of Michels was taken down from his campaign website, only to return less than an hour later.

It left some asking what happened.

“This is not about winning the primary,” Michels said. “This has always been about beating Tony Evers and getting proven, executive experience in the governor’s office.”

A Tweet from a New York Times reporter shows Michels’ website before winning the Wisconsin primary with an endorsement from former President Trump, and then after without Trump’s endorsement.

“What’s kind of the story there, was that something you meant to do?” FOX 11 asked the gubernatorial nominee.

“No, you know, it wasn’t even transparent to me,” Michels went on. “I don’t know if we just had a staffer that did that.”

But Chair of the Democratic Party of Brown County isn’t convinced that’s really what happened.

“I think it’s nice that Mr. Michels came out of hiding over the last week since his primary win.” Lee said. He believes it’s part of Michels’ campaign strategy.

“He went out and got the radicals to get him support for his agenda here, and he then drops Trump right after that,” said Lee. “So, it just shows how far he’s willing to go to get your vote but not actually care about you.”

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“So, just to be clear, that is not something you directed a staffer to do, it was just a mistake?” FOX 11 asked Michels.

“Clear,” Michels said.