WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Wisconsinites Are Ready to Retire Ron Johnson

Aug 09, 2022

WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Wisconsinites Are Ready to Retire Ron Johnson

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsinites have made it clear they are done with Ron Johnson pushing his own agenda at their expense. From his attacks on Wisconsinites’ health care and right to make their own medical decisions to his refusal to support small businesses and affordable child care, to pushing policies that enrich himself and his wealthiest donors while standing in the way of lowering costs for working people, voters know Johnson isn’t working for them.

See what they’re saying: 

Jerry Hanson, Elkhorn: “Wisconsin’s Sen. Ron Johnson embraces GOP Sen. Rick Scott’s Republican agenda, which calls for raising taxes on over half of non-wealthy Americans and ending Social Security and Medicare in five years. For over 40 years we‘ve watched many at the top pay a lower effective tax rate than the rest of us. It is time for those we elect to work for all Americans, not just those that fill their party’s coffers.”

Paul Kristoffersen, Fontana: “I, like many Wisconsinites are asking the question: Why are the millionaires and billionaires in Wisconsin not paying their fair share of state income taxes? Sen. Ron Johnson, a member of that exclusive group, has made it clear he is vehemently opposed to this. On the contrary, Johnson tries to justify supporting a GOP agenda that would increase taxes for 32% of Wisconsinites. Johnson’s entire career has been built while voting against Wisconsin families and negotiating deals for the affluent few who support his campaign.”

Dr. Emily Buttigieg, Madison: “My patients, and all Wisconsinites, deserve a leader who respects our rights and who will fight to keep medical decisions between patients and doctors. Johnson is not that leader — he has demonstrated time and time again that he isn’t working for the people of Wisconsin. It’s clear he’s in Washington only to serve himself.”

David Irwin, Elm Grove: “Unfortunately, rather than effectively countering the left, Ron Johnson is now best known for perpetuating covid quackery and false claims about our elections. This should be very troubling to all of us, including – perhaps especially – my fellow Republicans. Even his long-time supporters know his electability is hurt by the fantastical things he has said.”

Dr. Kristin Lyerly, Green Bay: Whether you’re a Democrat, independent, or Republican, it is clear that Johnson is not looking out for your best interests. He has spent his time in Washington trying to rip health care away from you while working overtime to enrich himself and his wealthy donors.

Melissa Buchholz, Milwaukee: “In light of this, I cannot understand the great pride Johnson takes in voting against these policies while touting his support for the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, where the average tax cut amounted to $30 for the poorest Wisconsinites, less than $700 for Wisconsinites making up to $113,800 in 2020, but nearly $40,000 for the richest 1% in our state. For Johnson to stand behind these tax giveaways to the rich, pretend they are uniformly benefiting us all, then argue we can’t afford to make health care and child care more affordable and accessible for the parents on my team and the families we serve every day makes clear that his priority is not looking out for ’Main Street,’ as he claims.”

Wilford Zeamer, Beaver Dam: “Since taking office, Johnson has displayed little — if any — concern for the welfare of the Wisconsin electorate. On the other hand, he has devoted much time and effort in increasing his personal wealth.”

Gregory León, Milwaukee: “But I do resent that while he’s voting to make life harder for Wisconsin families who are struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads, he’s using his elected office to make himself even richer. And now, as a final insult, he’s asking Wisconsin families to help pay for his vacation travel from Florida. What’s wrong with vacationing in Wisconsin, Senator? And what’s wrong with paying for it yourself? You can clearly afford it.”

Dr. John Perryman, Walworth: “It’s not just that Johnson avoided paying his fair share in state income taxes in 2017. Since his arrival to the Senate, Johnson has been fighting for himself, big corporations and his donors and leaving less fortunate Wisconsinites out in the cold. He has betrayed Lincoln’s vision for America, instead fighting for government of, by and for the connected. This is selfish, wrong, and is the antithesis of leadership. We deserve a United States senator who is going to do their part and work for us — not themselves and their rich donors”.

Gretchen Lowe, Madison: “I don’t trust Republicans like Sen. Ron Johnson, who praised the Republican plan as a “positive thing,” and fought for tax cuts for the wealthy and his biggest campaign donors. While Republicans have betrayed seniors who rely on Social Security and Medicare, Democrats have a history of supporting seniors and protecting these programs.”

Marion Peterson, La Crosse: “He voted AGAINST Covid relief and support for small businesses, infrastructure investment, environmental protection and expanding voting rights. …He voted FOR tax cuts for the wealthiest which includes himself…Wisconsin, we can do better than Ron Johnson, who continues to be an embarrassment to our state.”

Kay Ziegahn, Richland Center: “Sen. Ron Johnson has doubled his wealth since being in office, certainly not from his senatorial salary, but largely through benefiting from the tax break that he demanded be part of Trump’s 2017 tax bill. He claimed the bill would benefit small businesses, but ProPublica reported it was mainly profitable for large “pass-through companies” like his.”

Pat Bartels, Fond du Lac: “If we want to root out corruption in our government, it would be best to start in our own backyard. As a Senator, Ron Johnson has a duty to work for the people of Wisconsin. However, it is clear that Senator Johnson has no intention of working for us—only himself.”

Margaret Klapperich, Ripon: “I ask the Senator to remember the benefits he gets, paid for by the taxpayer, as he holds public office. Don’t begrudge those who struggle with living on unemployment, or less, during these difficult time. No child should ever endure hunger or being homeless, sleeping in cars in the dead of winter!”

S. Michael Shivers, Madison: “As his record shows, Johnson is unfit to serve as my, or anybody’s senator. His failure to stand up and be honest with voters is reason to believe that he should not be returned to office.”

Estella Lauter, Fish Creek: “Of course, we all claim to love our country, but how can Wisconsinites forget that Johnson has publicly supported the actions of people who threatened the lives of elected officials and assaulted the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021? He has also organized meetings in Wisconsin that have undermined the work of long-serving election officials who certified a fair election – a judgment amply supported by judges who were confirmed by the U.S. Senate!”